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Title - More Direct Contact

For sales and business development support, contact Gareth Heyman gareth@morevents.com. For additional information please complete the

RFP form.


US Headquarters
3333 S. Bannock Street, Suite 790
Englewood, CO 80110
Telephone: 303.782.5000
Facsimile: 303.782.5005


Click the names below to learn more about our fab team
Gareth Heyman
, Wizard of all Things – gareth@morevents.com
Betsy Mordecai, Queen of Quite A Lot – betsy@morevents.com
Emily Baker, Details Enthusiast – emily@morevents.com
Jenny Bridges, Choreographer – jenny@morevents.com
Jessica Cole, Event Imagineer– jessica@morevents.com
Ashley Davis, Mastermind – ashley@morevents.com
Cassandra Felix, Princess of Precision – cassie@morevents.com
Marty Goldenberg, Production Guru – marty@morevents.com
Melissa Green, Go to Genie – melissa@morevents.com
Erik Hendricks, Prince of Production – erik@morevents.com
Meghan Johnson, Idea Engineer – Meghan@morevents.com
Gabriela Barbosa Pereira, Manager of First Impressions – gabriela@morevents.com
Erica Vasquez, Dream Weaver – erica@morevents.com
Kim Wilson, Style Maker – kim@morevents.com
Melissa Clement, Firecracker – clement@morevents.com

European Headquarters
Avenue Louise 331-333
Brussels, Belgium 1050
Tel: 322 649 44 19
Gail Coe, Account Manager Europe – gail@morevents.com

East Coast Market (New York)
Iris Acker, Strategy and Imagination Manager – iris@morevents.com

Susan Bond, Orchestrator – susan@morevents.com
124 N. Naomi Street
Burbank, CA 91505
Tel: 602 639 4806
Fax: 602 296 0432

Latin American Market (Argentina)
Gaston Fatur, Operations Manager – gaston@morevents.com

Middle East (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Alicia Cohen, Global Innovator – alicia@morevents.com

3333 S. Bannock Street, Suite 790    Englewood, CO 80110    303.782.5000