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Embracing the New Norm

In the midst of the nation's coronavirus outbreak, we are shifting to a new routine of digital meetings, conference calls and remote home offices. In an effort to embrace this new norm, we’ve come up with some work-from-home tips:

Create a Dedicated Space for Work

Set up an area of your house to use as a workspace. Sitting down in this space sends a clear signal to your brain that it’s time to focus.

Maintain a Routine

Create a structured routine, which will help your mind and body adapt to a new working environment.

Embrace Your New “Co-Workers”

This may be your children, significant other, cat, dog, plants etc. The sooner you accept it, the less friction you’ll have, and you can plan to share the space peacefully.

Over Communicate

Remote work is a constant effort to be visible. Over-communication builds trust in a remote work environment.

Don't Forget to Socialize

It’s more important now than ever to maintain that sense of connection and camaraderie with your team. Team bonding activities can be incredibly helpful for making people feel like they’re not alone.

Smile and Laugh Often

Keeping a positive attitude can make a big difference in how you feel and how productive you are. Add a little humor next time you have to“dial-in”, using these Conference Call Bingo cards. Don’t forget to pass it along to your colleagues, so they can get in on the fun too! Feel free to tag us when you win on your next video call with #MorBingo!

Hopefully you find these tips helpful and the bingo cards provide some entertainment, as you try to get acclimated to working from home.


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