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Wisdom from the Wizard: CES 2021

Updated: May 3, 2022

CES 2021 would have been my 16th in-person CES show that I would have attended in Las Vegas. This year, however, it was completely virtual.

CES is one of those events I block off my calendar so I can make sure I get to experience, first-hand, what the breath of electronics in the world truly are, not just what you think is state of the art technology seen in big box stores. Truth be told, that merchandise is generations old by the time it gets in stores.

Not only do I get to see what is on the market right now, but I find it even more important to hear the next big buzz words in the industry. Over time new words and technologies have been introduced to me like HD, connectivity, Blu Ray, drones, 3d printing, 4k, 5k (and now 8k), 3d TVs, home connectivity, massive televisions, unbelievably skinny tvs, self driving cars, uber helicopter, AII, IOT, a computer that runs on beer, the next generations of computers, including the next wave we will be using in the not too distant future- quantum computers, and robots of every imaginable kind: from pets to ping pong playing, wearable technology, and SO much more.

When I am in the market to buy an electronic, I often refer to my notes and phone pictures I take periodically, to help determine what is best to buy at the time. I have found I have the most chance of a product lasting the longest and I being happiest with newer technologies. Some things I buy are for my personal use, MorEvents, as well as, family and friends.

Surely this event is not the same as the country’s largest in-person tradeshow. Nearly 200,000 attendees attended virtually. Last years event had over 3 MILLION square feet of exhibit space, and now it’s all on your computer. This by itself is an amazing feat. As we at MorEvents have done over 100 virtual events since COVID began, it makes my mind spin thinking about the task of getting this working perfectly for exhibitors, speakers, media, sponsors, and of course, attendees.

There are a few themes emerging this year that I will be keeping an eye on:

  1. Machine learning and AI advancements

  2. Healthcare via personal health, devices, and remote care

  3. Environmental themes emerging around sustainability

  4. Electric and autonomous vehicle innovations

  5. Improvement in display technologies

  6. More consumer and enterprise adoption of extended reality like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

  7. Advancements and ease of use with connected devices and digitization supporting smart homes, smart buildings, and connected devices.

A few things I have seen so far that make me smile:

The Frame TV continues to improve and grow larger. I saw this two years ago and since have replaced my home TVs with these. This year they rolled out a 75-inch version that I am sure is in my future. This year’s TVs are portable, and can even roll-up, but I am still a fan of how this looks in my home-

Is it a Drone? A jetpack? Is it a helicopter? Or is it my next transport vehicle purchase? I have been following drone companies that have introduced the option of carrying passengers through the years, the ever-growing market is out of the Jetsons with many manufacturers now getting into this emerging market. Cadillac has just introduced its own flying machine-

But let’s get back to basics and within our individual budgets. How about the Keurig of coffee, but as an ice cream maker. No more arguing about how many flavors you need in the freezer. This pod ice cream concept makes ice cream, shakes, and even adult beverages, as easy, and as fast, as a cup of coffee -

Feel free to share your thoughts of CES with us. There is NO WAY we could see everything!

Did you know the first Consumer Electronic Show kicked off in 1967 with 250 exhibitors and 17,500 attendees in New York City? Since then, CES has grown more than 10-fold, and now encompasses both traditional and non-traditional tech industries.


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