We have earned our success through a simple yet innovative approach to event and program management – the recruitment of exceptional individuals and adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Meet some of the leaders that motivate our team every day!

  • Betsy Mordecai

    Queen of Quite a Lot

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  • Gareth Heyman

    Wizard of All Things

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  • Jessica Clinger

    Financial Guru

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  • Jessica Cole

    Event Architect

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  • Kim Wilson

    Style Maker

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  • Erin Westfall


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  • Tara.jpg

    Tara Miller

    Modern Marvel

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  • Gina Aiello


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  • Ashley.png

    Ashley Davis

    Innovation Strategist

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  • Greyson Holle


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  • Steph N..JPG

    Steph Nordholm

    Curiosity Connoisseur

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  • Marty.jpg

    Marty Goldenberg

    Creative Technology Director

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  • Philip de la Cal.jpg

    Philip de la Cal

    Creative Tech Whiz

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  • Max Young

    Production Pro

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  • Denise.jpg

    Denise Casillas

    Manager of First Impressions

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  • Zoey.jpg

    Zoey Donkin

    Digital Dreamer

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  • IMG_3062.JPG

    Stone Heyman

    Apprentice to the Wizard

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  • Gail Coe


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  • Tina Brown

    Miracle Worker

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  • Kay Luzaich


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  • Flavio Perone


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  • Mark Routh

    Tech Titan

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  • Boulder

    Office Pup

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  • Baxter

    Aerial Acrobat

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  • This Could Be You!

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